Excellent Custom Basements in Marietta, GA

Should you neglect your basement while the rest of your home is primped up? Transform your unfinished, sad basement into the bonus living space of your dreams. At Castle Construction, we have provided our neighbors with top-notch, affordable custom basement design and build services for over a decade.

Custom Basement Renovation

Our basement renovations include 3D renderings and various finishing options, curated by our experienced team, who bring only the best ideas. We use durable products with water- and mold-proof qualities to deliver a custom basement you will love coming down to. 

Why Get A Custom Basement?

  • Getting a custom basement typically costs you less than what you would normally expect. You will spend less on creating the usable space in your basement than having to add the same square footage of the living area above ground.
  • Say goodbye to the clutter of your gym equipment in the bedroom. Relieve the space crunch in your home by creating functional spaces like a gym, office room or a spare bathroom in your basement. 
  • Add value to your home by creating additional functional space in the basement. A custom basement can attract homebuyers if you are building an investment property.
  • Are you a fitness freak? Do you like entertaining? Custom basements are ideal spaces to combine various ideas to upgrade your lifestyle. 

Custom Basement Ideas

  • Build a home theater or gaming room
  • Add a custom bar to entertain friends & host parties
  • Add a kids’ play area
  • Create a home office
  • Add a guest bedroom for company
  • Create a gym
  • And many More!

Whatever your vision for a custom basement, Castle Construction delivers it to you on time and within budget.

Customize Your Basement Today

Do you have a neglected basement that is accumulating cobwebs? It is time to schedule an appointment with our skilled, professional team. To get a custom basement that inspires and delights you, call our team at (770) 504-6010 or submit the online form.

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